Emlak Konut

Corporate Governance Information Remuneration Policy

According to the Decisions Taken in the Ordinary General Assembly Session on 14.04.2016;

i) Net 6.600,00 TL monthly and additionally 4 extra net salary premium is paid to our Company`s Board members.

(ii) The income tax which is occurred from the abovementioned payments (regarding salaries from one more employer) are paid by Emlak Konut REIC at the end of the fiscal year

(iii) Salaries which are to be paid to the members of the Board of Directors are submitted for approval to the shareholders in the subject activity term’s General Assembly.

(iv) Remuneration of Independent Board Members cannot be based on profit share, share options or performance of company and must be in the level which Independent Board Members will save their independence.

(v) Remuneration of top level managers are based on current economical data of market, relevant remuneration policies of current market, our Company`s long term aims and policies and additionally these directors’ roles in Company, responsibility and experience and legal obligations.