Emlak Konut

Board of Directors Mehmet ÖZÇELİK


Emlak Konut REIC

Member of the Board of Directors

Civil Engineer


Özçelik was born in 1965 in Burdur. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1988.


He served as an Infrastructure Site Engineer and the Site Chief at Halkalı 1. Stage Housing Estate between the years 1998 - 1991. Working as the Chief Maintenance Engineer and Site Supervisor at the Highway Commission of 17th District until 1993, Özçelik continued his career as an Engineer at Güngören Municipality – Directorate General of Building Inspection between the years 1993 – 1994; and as the Building Inspection Manager at Güngören Municipality between 1994 - 2002. In December 2002, he was assigned as the Transportation Coordination Manager at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, he worked as the Chief of the Department of Road Maintenance and Repair (2004 - 2012) the Head of the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination (2012 - 2013), and as the Head of the Department of Civil Works ( 2013 – 2014) respectively.


Mehmet Özçelik was assigned as the Vice President of Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration of Turkey in June 2014. He is married with three children.