Emlak Konut

YEAR 2016 General Assembly


The Ordinary General Assembly of Company Shareholders for 2016 shall be held on April 26 2016, at 10:00 Barbaros Quarter, Mor Sümbül Street No:7/2 B Ataşehir/İstanbul to discuss the following agenda items. 


1. The opening of the meeting, election of the General Assembly Presidency Council,

2. Granting of authorization to General Assembly Presidency Council for the signing of the meeting minutes,

3. Reading and discussion on the summary of the Annual Report of the Board of Directors and Independent Auditor Report with respect to the year 2016 activities,

4. Reading, discussion and conclusion of the financial statements for the year 2016

5. Discussion and conclusion of the release of the members of the Board of Directors in relation to their activities in 2016,

6. Discussion and conclusion of the proposal of the Board of Directors regarding  to usage, timing, dividend amount for the operating profit for the year 2016,

7.Decision on the approval of the selection of the independent audit company by the Board of Directors within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code and capital market legislation,

8.Appointment of the members of the Board of Directors in accordance with Article 12 of the Company’s articles of association and determination of their office terms, the nomination of Muhterem Ince who is elected in 2016 as an independent board member to the vacant position because of the resignation of Mr. Veysel Ekmen will be submitted to the General Assembly in accordance with Article 63 of the Commercial Code,

9. Determination of the fees to paid to the members of the Board of Directors,

10. Providing information on the donations made in 2016 and the determination of upper limit for donations to be made in 2017,

11. Providing information on collaterals, pledge, hypothecs granted for the benefit of third parties, and income or benefits that have been achieved in 2016 accordance to regulations of Capital Markets Board of Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey,

12. Providing information on transactions specified under Article 1.3.6 of the Corporate Governance Principles to the General Assembly,

13. Providing information to shareholders about remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and the Senior Management written in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles,

14. Informing shareholders about the latest situation regarding the share buy-back program,


15. Granting consent to the members of the Board of Directors to carry out the written procedures listed in Articles 395 and 396 of the Turkish Commercial Code,

16. Opinions and closing.